GCSE Science Tuition – Greater Understanding

Qualified Science Tutors

Your child gets one attempt at GCSEs, and it’s important to give it your best. Imagine the difference you can make to the achievable grade if you get effective tuition to help prepare?

Therefore finding the best science tutor can be a worrying choice as the weeks tick away to the final exams. At Genie Tutors, we employ professional GCSE science tutors who have experience of preparing children for the GCSE science exams. Professional science tutors who will focus on your teenager’s confidence, motivation and help fill gaps in learning.

Why Genie Tutors?

  • Notice the Progress Every Week – learn something new every week that’s likely to appear in the science GCSE
  • Work Harder to Learn Quicker – Our Tutors use our small groups to encourage faster work and focus your teenager on achievement.
  • All the support needed! We have only six children in a group. Our tutors can provide exceptional one-to-one support for your child.
  • Grasp the difficult concepts – We will expect your child to grasp challenging concepts and give support when he/she struggles.
  • Feedback every week – tell us your goals, then we will show you your child’s achievement.
  • We teach traditionally – using face to face tuition with experienced qualified teachers. Tried and tested gimmick-free tuition!
  • Established in 2009
  • We’re a national company, Genie Tutors was established in Birmingham and have helped 1000’s of children be the best they can.
  • Your teenager can get the grades needed with the right support. Contact us to find to book your GCSE science tuition trial.

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