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Qualified Maths Tutors

Getting the best GCSE Maths tuition is crucial to help your child get the best grades they can. So how do you help your teenager feel confident, motivated and prepared to sit their Maths GCSE exams in June?

Whether your teenagers are preparing for exams this summer or next they get one shot in year 11 to get the grades needed. So – perhaps you would like to make sure that you pick a tutor who is going to help get the results you are looking for? One thing is for sure, you can’t wait around to find out if they are making progress, especially if already in year 11.

We all know that Maths is important for your teenager’s future. What you might not have known is that research shows that children who do well at Maths earn more money by the time they are 30 years old?

With this in mind you might like professional teachers, with a proven track record, to get to work quickly and deliver improvements in ability, confidence and focus. You might be searching for an established company with a proven track record.

That’s why we have been employing qualified teachers since 2009 and will expect your teenager to achieve. We will provide support when needed as we will expect all to have learned something new by the end of the session.

Why Genie Tutors?

  • Notice the Progress Every Week – learn something new every week that’s likely to appear in the Maths GCSE
  • Work Harder and Learn Quicker – Our Tutors use our small groups to encourage faster work and focus your teenager on achievement.
  • All the support needed – We have only six children in a group. Our tutors who’re used to teaching over 30 children are able to provide exceptional support for your child.
  • Grasp the difficult concepts – We will expect your child to grasp challenging concepts.
  • Feedback every week – tell us your goals and we will show you your child’s achievement.
  • We teach in a traditional way – Using face to face tuition with experienced qualified teachers, pen and paper. Tried and tested, gimmick free tuition!
  • Established in 2009
  • We’re a national company, Genie Tutors was established in Birmingham and have helped 1000’s of children be the best they can.

Whether your teenager is struggling, has lost confidence or just needs to do a little better we can help put together a package of GCSE Maths tuition that will meet your needs.

GCSE English Tuition – Achieve More

Qualified English Tutors

Your child needs good GCSE English grades. Getting the right English GCSE tuition can help you get those grades, ’open doors’ and create opportunities which might otherwise be closed. After all – you only get one chance in year 11.

It’s not only getting the right help – help that’s focussed on improving grades and performance – it’s also getting the help at the right time. Our English GCSE Tutors can help make a huge difference to your child’s grades, yet every year we get enquiries from parents in March, April and May only weeks before their exams and it can often be too late to help!

If you are looking to push for the higher English GCSE grades or get your child onto the higher paper – effective GCSE English Tuition can help you get there.

When Should I start English GCSE Tuition?

As soon as you think your child might need to improve grades, is struggling or losing confidence. If you aren’t sure if help is needed then our tutors can assess your child and recommend how much tuition is needed.

Can I start too soon?

Not really – English GCSE exams are one of the most important exams your child will take. We have had children start in year 8 or 9 – because there is a problem or parents feel that they could do better. By sorting the problem early then your child can get up to speed quickly and better understand what is being taught in school. We find that children then either stop English tuition or decide they want to further challenge themselves and reach the highest grades.

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