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Academic Excellence – Essential in a Competitive World

Achieving academic excellence in English will stand your child in good stead for the future. It is an essential skill in a competitive world. Getting extra in-centre or online English tuition in Birmingham will help your child make the most of opportunities to come – whether at university or in the world of work.

As any parent knows, ensuring your child has the right skills is a constant worry. As a parent I am sure you want to know if your child is doing well, reaching the right standard and being pushed to achieve the best results possible?

Proven Track Record (In-Centre or Online English Tuition in Birmingham)

Providing your child good effective in-centre or online English tuition using professional teachers with a proven track record makes sense. You’ll want your English tutor to get to work quickly and deliver improvements in ability, confidence and focus. Genie Tutors has been working with parents, children, schools and teachers since 2009 to provide an individual service centred on delivering what your child needs to improve and achieve.

online English tuition in Birmingham

Our expectation is your child will achieve. Whatever the challenge – confidence, motivation, struggling or attaining the highest grades – you can expect improved performance.

  • Notice the progress every session – learn something new every weekWork harder to learn quicker – Our English tutors use our small groups to encourage faster work and focus on achievement.
  • All the support needed – We have only six children in a group. Our tutors who’re used to teaching over 30 children are able to provide exceptional support for your child.
  • Grasp the difficult concepts – We will expect your child to grasp challenging concepts.
  • Feedback every week – tell us your goals and we will show you your child’s achievement.
  • A lightbulb moment in as little as an hour – If you need more than one hour we can provide more.
  • Traditional English tuition – using face to face tutoring with experienced qualified teachers, pen and paper, tried and tested, gimmick free tuition!
  • Established in 2009 – We’re a national company, Genie Tutors was established in Birmingham and have helped 1000’s of children achieve the best they can.
  • For Primary aged children we deliver in-centre or online Maths and English combined which helps with motivation and achievement across the board.

It’s always a good idea to make sure your child is on track at any stage of school. This will avoid difficulties further down the line and ensure good focus, motivation, confidence and achievement. In our many years of providing in-centre or online English tuition in Birmingham to children we have seen these positive results time and time again.

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