Private Tuition in
Kings Heath

  • Notice the difference in weeks
  • A lightbulb moment in as little as an hour
  • Grasp the difficult concepts


    Searching for Peace of Mind that your child is achieving?

    We select only the best qualified, dedicated and effective tutors. Operating since 2009 we will make
    sure your child learns something new or improves skills every week.

    Preparing for an Exam? GCSE | 11+ | SATs

    Getting the grades needed will build the foundation for your child’s future career.

    Getting the right support can change your child’s grades.

    That’s why you can monitor your child’s performance with feedback every week.

    Build Confidence – Focus Better

    Having confidence and focus is key to performing at school.

    If your child needs more focus and confidence then you can expect to see changes within 10 week.

    Our tutors will help your child build confidence, focus and help them to start achieving.

    More success – more challenge?

    You might be seeking peace of mind your child is performing and achieving the best grades

    To achieve the last few marks to get the very best grades is a challenge that we relish.

    Expect our tutors to meet the
    challenge – helping your child to reach the best grades possible.

    Notice the difference in weeks

    Notice the progress every session – learn concepts every week.

    Work harder to learn quicker – our tutors use small groups to encourage faster work and focus on achievement.

    All the support needed – We have only six children in a group. Our tutors who’re used to teaching over 30 children are able to provide exceptional support for your child.

    Grasp the difficult concepts – we will expect your child to grasp challenging concepts and provide support when struggling..

    Feedback every week – tell us your goals and we will show you your child’s achievement.

    A lightbulb moment in as little as an hour – If you need more than one hour we can provide more.

    Traditional tuition – using face to face tutoring with experienced qualified teachers, pen and paper, tried and tested, gimmick free tuition!

    Established in 2009 – we’re a national company. Genie Tutors was established in Birmingham and has helped 1000’s of children achieve the best they can.

    For primary aged children we deliver Maths and English combined – which helps with motivation and achievement across the school curriculum. 

    Homework set every week – to consolidate work learned in session.

    Genie Tutors Kings Heath will help your child to succeed.

    Is your child achieving at school, but could do better? Look no further; we have the expertise to stretch your child. Does your child lack the confidence to succeed, have poor self-motivation? Please be assured our tutors will empower your child to: grow in confidence, improve self-motivation and enjoy learning!

    We have proven a track record of ensuring your child makes good progress every week, in a fun, simulating and nurturing environment. It is a common occurrence for our children to reach or exceed their school targets with our structured approach to tuition; delivered personalised to your child’s interests and learning disposition.