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Genie Tutors Handsworth Wood – Challenge your child to achieve

Genie Tutors Handsworth Wood have opened their newest centre in Birmingham in Handsworth Wood. Operating out of the St. Andrews Sports and Community Centre in College Road Genie Tutors is dedicated to helping your child succeed and achieve their goals.

If your child needs help to achieve the best grades at school we have been helping children since 2009. If your child could do better, Genie Tutors has the expertise to help your child be the best they can be.

If your child lacks the confidence or focus, he or she is not alone. A common issue we see at Genie Tutors is a lack of confidence. Our tutors will empower your child to: grow in confidence, improve self-motivation and enjoy learning!

If your child wants a place at Grammar School – have the confidence that your child is working hard to prepare for the test.

We have proven a track record of ensuring children make good progress every week, in a challenging, stimulating and nurturing environment. It is a common occurrence for our children to reach or exceed their school targets with our structured approach to tuition; delivered personalised to your child’s learning needs. Our tutors will challenge your child to help them succeed.

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    Meet the team

    Neeam is a highly experienced 11+ tutor who has been tutoring children at Genie Tutors for over 5 years.


    Nasko is here to ensure that everything runs smoothly.


    It doesn’t matter how nervous your child is – Debbie makes them feel welcome.


    Rukhsana builds strong learning relationships with the children in her groups allowing her children to learning quickly.


    Luke is a qualified teacher with nearly 20 years of teaching experience and extensive experience of tutoring in KS1, KS2, KS3 and KS4.

    Genie Tutors Handsworth Wood

    St Andrews Sports & Community Centre, 2 College Rd, Birmingham B20 2HX

    t: 0121 630 2887