Great ideas on how to make study fun

One of the biggest problems kids of all ages – from 3 year olds right up to teenagers – have with study is that they can find it incredibly boring. The following suggestions on how to make study fun should help to relieve that boredom and get your kids to actually enjoy studying – which will, of course, ultimately reflect in the grades they achieve.

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The results are in! GCSE grades explained

GCSE results can be somewhat bewildering, and as the new grading system is being phased in from 2017 onwards, getting your GCSE grades explained is even more of a necessity if you want to make informed decisions concerning your child’s future.

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6 of the Best Games to Help Your Child Code

In a rapidly developing digital world, coding is the ‘Next Big Thing’.

In September 2014, programming was introduced to the National Curriculum and is now compulsory learning for all children aged 5 – 16. As a parent, it can be difficult to support your child in this new area of the curriculum, of which the majority of parents are inexperienced in.

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How to prepare for the next school year

As quickly as the academic year ends, the next one will begin. For kids who are starting school for the first time or moving to a new school, a big adjustment is in store. Similarly, the change can be challenging for those transitioning from key stage 1 to 2, from primary school to secondary.

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Tutoring to inspire enterprising behaviour

This is a guest post from one of the founders of Clever Tykes, a series of children’s storybooks written to inspire enterprising behaviour in Key Stage 2 children. Ben Cook explains how expert tutoring help develop key traits in children.

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Summer tutoring programmes

We discussed in a previous blog how important it is to avoid the ‘summer slide’ that children suffer whilst away from school for up to six weeks. Tutoring programmes are both the perfect way to negate the…

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