OFSTED Childcare Vouchers for Tuition

Did you know that you – as working parents – can save up to 40% of the cost of tuition with Genie Tutors and OFSTED childcare vouchers? As long as you, or your partner, are in employment, getting childcare vouchers for tuition is easy!

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Help with homework – some tips all parents should read!

As the new term is now in ‘full swing’, some parents across the UK might have found assisting with homework that little bit more difficult. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to make homework more fun and, if all else fails, expert help with homework is at hand in the shape of Genie Tutors.

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Retaking A Levels – Getting Extra Tuition

Getting low A Level results can be extremely demoralising, demotivating and confidence-destroying. Getting extra tutoring – in particular for subjects you previously struggled with – will not only help you get better grades, it will also help to inspire and motivate you, rebuild your confidence and renew your joy in learning.

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