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In an ever changing and evolving world – leaving school with strong maths and english skills is vital to your child’s success. Effective tuition will improve and develop the skills needed to achieve at school, improve exam results and give your child the chance to grasp future opportunities.

If you want to help your child or teenager to feel confident, motivated and prepared to achieve at school we have a centre near you in Birmingham.

Our Centres in Birmingham

Genie Tutors Edgbaston Priory

Martineau Gardens, 27 Priory Rd, Birmingham B5 7UG
t: 0121 285 5285

Genie Tutors Harborne

Grove Hall, Grove Lane,
Harborne B17 0QT
t: 0121 285 4285

Genie Tutors Kings Heath

2 High Street, Kings Heath
Birmingham B14 7SW
t: 0121 630 2802

Genie Tutors Handsworth Wood

2 College Rd, Birmingham
B20 2HX
t: 0121 6302887

Genie Tutors Spring Hill

Spring Hill Library, Spring Hill, Birmingham B18 7BH
t: 0121 285 5285

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Achievement | Focus |
Confidence | Self Belief | motivation

Our tutors will develop, encourage and nurture these qualities in your child or teenager.

Genie Tutors Birmingham, has six centres located in Edgbaston, Harborne, Handsworth Wood, Spring Hill and Kings Heath. Each is staffed by qualified tutors dedicated to helping children to achieve, develop focus and build confidence.

“Children at Genie Tutors become motivated to overcome obstacles to learning and achieve more than they thought they could.” Luke Scrutton – Founder


Our qualified tutors undertake a comprehensive assessment of your child. This gives us insight into background, academic ability and aspirations.

Based on this assessment our Tutors develop a programme of personalised tuition to help your child progress. At the end of the session you will receive initial feedback from your tutor.

After your free trial

You can secure your session at the end of the trial. We will continue to provide feedback after every session. We’ll share with you the progress your child has made, listen to your views and discuss how we can help in the weeks to come.

Genie’s Unique Approach – Unlocking focus and success

Our highly effective approach to learning offers a far more effective and engaging experience for your child using face to face interaction, with experienced professional tutors and traditional teaching – rather than a computer based approach which offers very little in the way of student teacher interaction.

We set homework after every session and should you require more, we give you access to our online homework portal which provides additional tasks – together with a regular online assessment of your child’s progress.

Genie Tutors in Birmingham since 2009

Established in 2009 in Edgbaston, we now have 6 centres in Birmingham with other sites across the country.

Whether your children or teenagers are struggling or need pushing to the top of the class – we can help put together a package of tuition that will meet their needs and your aspirations.

Progress Every Week | Work Harder and Learn Quicker | One to One Support Grasp the difficult concepts | Feedback every week | Traditional Teaching Qualified Teachers | OFSTED Registered | Established in 2009

Our goal – to build confident, fearless and motivated learners who are hungry to explore the world of learning – so request your call back now.