11 Plus Vocabulary Games and Resources

Preparing for the 11 plus exams can be a challenge. Keeping your child motivated is crucial to success and using some good 11 plus vocabulary games can help to improve confidence, motivation as well as developing a rich vocabulary.

11 Plus Vocabulary Flash Cards

Flash cards are a great educational resource that can make learning fun and engaging. You can download our 11 Plus Vocabulary Flash Cards here. Our cards contain over 600 words that are likely to appear in 11+ exams and can be used in a variety of ways to improve:

  • reading and recognition
  • spelling
  • understanding of word meaning and definition

Try these 11 plus vocabulary games and start building confidence and a wider vocabulary.

Improving Reading and Recognition

Activity Duration 2-5 minutes

Select 10-30 words from the deck of 11 plus vocabulary flashcards. Turn them over one at a time asking your child to read them quickly. Allow about 2-3 seconds to read each card before helping by sounding the word out or telling him/her the word.

Make a separate pile of all the words that your child knows leaving a deck of cards that need to be learned. Go through these words a few times before leaving them for the next day.

Continue until all the words are learned adding more cards as your child learns them.

Improving Spelling

Activity time 2-5 minutes

Select 10 words from the deck. Read each word out, then place then word in a sentence and give your child about 10 seconds to spell it.

Make a pile of all the words that your child can spell correctly. These ones are already known.

Ask your child to copy each word they need to learn three times, cover it and write it again. If they spell it correctly leave it until tomorrow. If incorrect ask them to repeat that word.

On the next day test the words that they got wrong on the previous day and repeat the exercise.

Improving Understanding, Meaning and Definition

Activity time 2-5 minutes

Select 10 words from the deck. Ask your child to read each word and place  it in a sentence. Where the word has more than one meaning ask for a sentence with the other meanings.

As an extension you can also discuss a suitable dictionary definition and similar words. It can be useful to have a dictionary and thesaurus at hand in this game.

Other 11 Plus Vocabulary Games, Flash Cards and Resources

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