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    Our private tutors have high expectations. Because all our tuition is personalised and delivered face to face, we can set high expectations and expect your child to achieve. We will see when your child is struggling and have the experience, knowledge, expertise, time and motivation to provide the necessary support to achieve success.

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    Promotes confidence, determination and success

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    Tuition for Success | Confidence | Determination

    How do you find private tuition or an online tutor who can get the results you are looking for? The ingredients for effective tuition are straight forward but not all tutors or tuition organisations are the same.
    If you want improvements from your tuition investment, then it needs to be personalised, face to face and delivered by a professional who can build good relationships, provide effective support and has high expectations of success.
    Parents often join us after quite different experiences at other tuition providers. They quickly come to appreciate the motivated staff, the high expectations and the fact that their children make progress every week. We achieve this because tuition is personalised to your child and our tutors are focussed on getting results – that’s why parents who join Genie Tutors stay.
    If you take children who’re underperforming or who want better results, then set tasks on topics they’re struggling with – they’re usually not going to achieve. You may even do more harm than good and it’s likely to be hard work. That’s why children benefit from effective tuition.

    Effective tuition is delivered by education professionals who are:

    1)  patient enough to build strong relationships 

    2)  able to use different strategies to explain difficult concepts

    3)  can set high expectations whilst building an attitude of achievement

    Our tutors have these skills and will expect improvement every week from your child. When your child struggles our tutors will provide effective support. The only option is a success.

    We use appropriately qualified tutors at all levels. Primary tutors will be qualified to teach Maths and English. Secondary children will be tutored by qualified English tutors and Maths tutors respectively. Our GCSE tutors have experience of tutoring to the relevant exam boards and 11+ tutors are trained to also cover NVR and VR appropriate to tests in your area.

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    How do we Pick the Best Tutors?

    Our focus is high-quality tuition therefore we need the best tutors. However – there is more to it than that. The best tutors need an environment they can perform in. That’s why excellence, determination, and success underpin our ‘can do’ attitude.Education is at the heart of what we do. Our founder and CEO is a qualified teacher with over 20 years of experience – helping children succeed. Therefore staff selection, training and support are central to maintaining this philosophy. The vast majority of our staff are qualified teachers. However, we value determination and success equally and this is why you will find some exceptional unqualified tutors in our team.

    Our expectations are realistic and challenging so when children cannot do something – there is support to help them achieve

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